Noted genetic scientist pushes the boundaries, producing "science that surprises us all" :

The Salk Institutes's Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte fiddles with genes and embryos to answer fundamental questions of biology and grow human organs...

AHEC West's new STEP yoga program - Stretching To EmPower - again in the news. Hearst television:

The new program comes as a way to help combat the country’s deadly abuse of painkiller prescriptions and illegal opioids.

How bad can it get? Even worse:

A doctor's murder in a small Midwest city leaves other physicians fearful and uncertain about how to deal with patients who demand opioids.

Indiana woman who lost two sons to opioids on the same night spreads the message: Get in your kids' faces:

Becky Savage, a nurse in Indiana, lost her sons Nick and Jack to opioids in a single night. She's on a mission now to prevent more such tragedies.
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